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Neurolinq Product Suite

The world's most widely used business-to-business music (and more) downloads distribution platform is now available to you to develop widgets, applications, and web sites with.

Free to Explore

  • NeuroLinq Products is our Product API method. You can host a customized subset of our digital product metadata that has been provisioned uniquely for you. You may then merchandise digital products on your own site together with other products you sell. You will process consumers through your own checkout process and then place a Web services XML call to NeuroLinq for file delivery. NeuroLinq then delivers the product to your consumer seamlessly. Neurotic Media addresses content owner licensing, weekly reporting, and royalty reconciliation and payments, allowing you to keep focused on your core business.

  • NeuroLinq Awards allows you to redeem codes and awards in our system via XML Web service requests without having to host a site on our platform. As a matter of fact, it may not involve product downloads at all! NeuroLinq Awards is used by Ad Agencies and Consumer Brands to simply create code lists and then validate redemptions against those lists, without having to store the code lists on their end or actually support the redemption process itself. The NeuroLinq Awards API method also supports POS card activation services. Reports are available daily via permission-based login online.

  • NeuroLinq Checkout is an expansion of NeuroLinq Products that allows Neurotic Media to handle the banking/checkout process during a product sale and transaction. If you are not set up to administer e-commerce transactions, use NeuroLinq Checkout as a turn-key solution that gets you to market quickly and economically. The payment and checkout process is available in both a hosted and non-hosted versions. Neurotic Media addresses the complexities of technology and security, PCI Compliancy, and merchant banking relationships, again allowing you to keep focused on your core business.

Why Neurolinq?

The option of building the in-house capacity to license, host, deliver, and report on millions of MP3 files costs millions and takes years to build. The same goes for a robust PIN code redemption system and e-commerce solutions. NeuroLinq is an enterprise-class solution for firms that seek to outsource these functions to a third party. NeuroLinq offers companies access to an enterprise-class service quickly and economically, providing a solid choice for any CFO, CIO, and CTO that are evaluating how to launch such services for their company. NeuroLinq provides an economy of scale, allowing companies to leverage a multi-million dollar platform for a fraction of the cost of trying to do it all in-house.